The APC want to Change Things for the Better


Fellow South Africans,




As the leadership of the APC we fully appreciate the importance of effective, consistent and timeous communication of the progressive policies, perspective on current issues and our daily activities.  The APC has positioned itself to be a viable, credible and progressive alternative – meaning that we intend to play an ever increasing role in the politics of our country.  That being so makes it critical for APC to continuously communicate and clarify itself to the masses.  We have been working hard to enable ourselves to do exactly that.  Leaders of the APC will be coming forward to explain in simple language the progressive line of the APC from time to time.


It seems like yesterday, but it was in December 2011 when we had our first National People’s Congress in Manaung, Free State, where we elected a leadership collective and most importantly, adopted our program document MAKOMBA NDLELA: The Revolutionary Program of the APC Mkomba Ndlela contains the program of action for the Party for the years ahead.  So, since the National People’s Congress so much work has been done to build a strong APC and pursuing the Party’s Mass-line.   We believe that these activities do need to be reported on so that the masses of our people are kept abreast, thus deepening their confidence in the Party.  Our communication platforms have not been effective.  This we are now changing forever!!!


Some people might be asking themselves: what is the APC doing to strengthen itself and prepare for the National Elections (2014).  Without giving reports on activities they remain buried in the dark, and yet the reality is that the Party continues to score brilliant successes in Limpopo, Gauteng, Mpumalanga, North West etc.   The APC continues to draw new members, break new grounds as it pursues the Mass-line.  What we are particularly satisfied with is the increase in working class (Trade Unionists) leaders in our leadership structures.  This will further consolidate and advance the working class character of our Party.  We are certain that the Secretary-General’s Office will find ways of continuously communicating these successes that our cadres are scoring on the ground.


It might also be worth indicating that without effective communication the masses might not be aware that APC has an elaborate election plan which guides our work as we move forward.   We had our Elections Summit in October last year (Polokwane) followed by an Extended Central Executive Committee meeting in November (Mangaung).  This year we have developed our “Operation 100+40” as a means of ensuring that the elections goals of the APC are realised in a systematic;  deliberate;  quantifiable way.  Through “Operation 100+40” we have sought to quantify the Votes we seek to get (between 350 000 and 500 000 votes);  where we will get them (allocating quotas for each province up to each ward) and the number of seats in the National Parliament (between 8 and 10).  We have also allocated National leaders to specific provinces to head the mobilisation efforts.  There are milestones that have been set (end of June and December) for specific things to have been achieved.  We have also planned that our campaign programmes must lead to a direct – person to person – interaction with at least  One Million voters between now and election day.  The courage and energy shown by our leaders and members leave us with no doubt that we are on our way to realising all our plans;  as planned.


The bedrock of our programmes remains the nascent People’s Commissars that we are building.  These are the teachers and defenders within the APC, who pursue the Mass-line as the fundamental distinguishing political feature of the APC.  We surely should be able to adumbrate more on this concept of People’s Commissars in future.


As we watch the political and organisational storms sweeping through political parties from Left to Right, the APC marches ahead with confidence that we have laid a solid foundation to achieve success.


And as parties face elections and start to talk a lot of hot air with no substance or vision, the APC marches ahead from victory to victory through the Mass-line.  We look forward to the elections with a lot of confidence and hope.  Not wish.


We make this clarion call to all right thinking and patriotic South Africans to rally behind the APC.   Our message is this : The APC want to change things for the better.  Change in the best interests of the majority.  Strive for good governance and thorough … transformation.  We are working for a bright future :  A FUTURE;  for everyone!!!


The future is bright, the Road is tortuous!!!


Keep the Spear burning …………………..


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