About APC

APC Motto:

Discipline, Respect and Hard work.


To be a viable, credible and progressive alternative governing party.


Meeting the Economic, Social, Political and Cultural needs of our people through mass mobilization.

Core Objectives:

  • To rally the people to defend and advance the right to National self-determination.
  • To strive for an Africanist Socialist Democracy.
  • To strive and promote the ideal of the Union of African States, including the African Diaspora.
  • To strive and promote international solidarity among progressive forces.
  • To strive and promote the advancement of the interests of the people, educationally, culturally and economically.
  • To strive and promote the projection of the African personality.

APC slogans:

1. The Alternative voice.

2. The Thinking Person's Party.

3. Forever Breaking new Grounds, Forever APC.

4. Setting the Pace for Change.

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